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Fast Cheap GoodIs it Possible to find a Building Contractor who is Fast, Cheap and Good?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a building contractor build something fast, cheap and good. Renovating or building in Bali can be difficult to say the least. More so than most developed countries. But one thing that’s common, no matter where you build, is that there’s three facts about every building project that cannot be changed or ignored. You have to decide whether you want your building project done Fast, Cheap or Good. But it’s only possible to have two of these. It is not possible to have all three. No matter where you build in the world. One thing must suffer. You can have a building project that is:

  • Fast and Cheap, but won’t be Good;

  • Fast and Good, but won’t be Cheap; or

  • Good and Cheap, but won’t be Fast.

As a unique and reliable quality building contractor in Bali, Mr Trusted understands this and has found a balance that provides a standard that is high, value that is reasonable and affordable for us and our customers, and done in a timely fashion that ensures quality and value are not compromised. We are not the cheapest. But we are in no way the most expensive. Just reasonable value, reliable standards and timely.

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